Indications for Authors

 Recommended citation: When citing the journal, please use the abbreviation: Studia UBB. Philosophia. (Ex .: Studia UBB. Philosophia, Vol. 65 (2020), No. 3, pp. __ – _)

A. General indications
– The texts proposed for publication must be previously unpublished.
– Concerning a future re-publication, the author are required to ask the permission of the editor-in-chief and must mention the first publication in Studia UBB. Philosophia.
– The manuscripts will be submitted via email as attachment, in Word Document format (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). They should be prepared for blind review. Therefore, the name of the author(s) and their affiliation will be sent separately, together with the abstract.
– The texts cannot be longer than 75.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes for articles, and 25.000 characters for article reviews and commentaries
– The texts can be written in English, French, German
– The articles should be accompanied by a short abstract written in English (maximum 700 characters).
Responsibility for the views expressed in this journal remains solely with the authors.

B. The authors are required to write the texts conformingly the following norms:

1. Body Text

Times New Roman, at 12 points, justified, at 1,5 lines

2. Chapter titles and other sections

a) titles: Times New Roman, at 14 points, Bold

b) subsections: Times New Roman, at 12 points, Bold

3. Quotations

a) If the quotation is less than 3 lines long, it can be given in the text

b) If the quotation is more than 3-4 lines long, it is indicated apart as it follows:

– Font 11, no quotation marks; Paragraph Indent left text 5 mm, Indent right text 5 mm, Spacing before 6 pt, Spacing after 6 pt.

4. Quotations marks: accordingly to the orthographical rules of the language in wich the article is written

5. References in the footnotes (PLEASE USE FOOTNOTES ONLY!)

Font: Times New Roman, at 10 points

6. Bibliography

a) books:

<Author>, <Title>, <publishing company>, <year>.

b) Article published in an edited volume:

<Author>, <”Article title”>, in <Ed.>, <Title>, <publishing company>, <year>, <page(s)>.

c) Article published in a journal

<Author>, <”Article title”>, in <Journal title>, <No.> / <year>, <publishing company>, <page(s)>.


– The authors will receive galley proofs for the final correction before publishing.

– In the galley proofs, one cannot operate large phrase corrections, but only letters and small words corrections.

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